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Changge City Bureau of Industry and Commerce five measures to fireworks market early layout early regulation

2015-09-10 Second view Category: Industry Trends

In order to create a safe and peaceful Spring Festival market atmosphere, the Changge City Industry and Commerce Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of the implementation plan for the 100-day safety special rectification action of fireworks in Changge City, concentrated its efforts and carried out a comprehensive inspection and rectification of the city's fireworks market。

Strictly implement regulatory responsibilities。The Municipal Bureau set up a fireworks market special rectification leading group headed by the director, signed a letter of responsibility with the industry and commerce, clear regulatory tasks, detailed work measures, and dutifully maintain the order of the fireworks market。

Strict market access。Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the existing fireworks operators, find out the bottom number, and resolutely investigate and deal with the unlicensed business behaviors found。For the new application for the establishment of fireworks business units and individuals, in strict accordance with the requirements of the audit, do not meet the conditions, do not register access, from the source to eliminate unlicensed business security risks。

Step up inspections。In line with the principle of "prevention first", the industrial and commercial exchanges have increased their inspection of the fireworks market, and seriously investigated and punished violations of the exclusive right to use registered trademarks of others and false publicity in accordance with the law。

Strengthen coordination and interaction。Take the initiative to contact the public security, safety supervision and other departments, carry out joint law enforcement actions, and investigate and punish illegal production, operation, storage of fireworks and other illegal activities。

Give full play to the role of "one and two stations", expand the sources of clues, accept reports from the masses in a timely manner, and regulate and manage illegal business behaviors in a timely manner。

Up to now, the bureau has dispatched 135 law enforcement personnel, inspected 43 business households, corrected 26 illegal business behaviors, investigated and punished 11 unlicensed business households, and issued 37 notices of rectification。


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