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Strengthen the high temperature season fireworks wholesale warehouse supervision

2015-10-10 Second view Category: Industry Trends


      The fireworks wholesale warehouse in Nanzhao County, Henan province undertakes the supply and demand tasks of more than 500 fireworks retail points in the county, in response to the current high temperature and rainWith high humidity and frequent lightning weather, the county has taken four measures to ensure a safe summer。 

    First, strict warehouse safety management。Supervise the wholesale warehouse to implement all safety measures, especially the warehouse moisture, cooling, ventilationWind treatment work, regular inspection of warehouse facilities and reservoir environment, fire protection, lightning protection and other safety facilities maintenance。
Second, we will strengthen internal security management。The main person in charge of the enterprise and the safety management personnel must be on duty at the factory and truthfully record the daily safety inspectionCheck the situation。It is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the fire isolation belt set around the reservoir area, combined with the actual situation, to improve and drill the emergency plan, and strictly prevent leakage pipe失控。
The third is to strengthen the safety education and training of all employees。Conscientiously organize all staff safety education and training, especially to strengthen safety operation technology and safetyLearn all operating procedures, safe labor discipline and rules and regulations。
Fourth, we will strengthen daily supervision during the high temperature season。Send safety supervision and law enforcement personnel at least twice a week to inspect the wholesale warehouse of fireworks and firecrackersThe current security risks shall be registered and filed one by one, and the enterprise shall be urged to formulate a rectification plan for security risks, and the responsibility shall be implemented to the person to ensure the rectification of security risksIn place, timely eliminate safety hazards, strictly prevent fireworks accidents。

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