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The provincial emergency management Department held a video conference of the province's emergency management system

2020-05-21 Second view Category: Industry Trends

The provincial emergency management Department held a video conference of the province's emergency management system
Release date: 2020-05-20 Source: Office

5月19日,The provincial emergency management Department held a video conference of the province's emergency management system,We will thoroughly implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, The State Council, and provincial party committees and governments,We will make arrangements for key work at present and in the coming period,We will take effective measures to ensure work safety, disaster prevention and reduction, and emergency rescue,Comprehensively improve the level of security development in our province。Zhang Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, made work deployment, and Wu Zhonghua, director of the department, presided over the meeting。Hall leaders Meng Qingyong, Yu Forward, Hou Feng, Li Changxun, Sun Zhaoxian, Xu Zhong attended the meeting。

The meeting pointed out that the current period is special, and it is necessary to recognize the situation, unify the thinking, attach great importance to it, effectively enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, and unify the thinking and action to the work deployment of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government and the emergency Department。First, the two sessions are held at a sensitive time。The national "two sessions" were held under the conditions of normal epidemic prevention and control, which attracted the attention of the whole country and the world。Second, the summer is a time for accidents。High temperature and high pressure in summer affect people's mental state and safe production conditions, and severe weather such as heavy rain and hail increase the risk of flood prevention and geological disaster prevention in non-coal mines。Third, the task of flood season is intensified。The province's flood control and drought relief system is gradually rationalizing and improving, and a series of important tasks and measures for flood control and flood preparedness need to be implemented。Fourth, the risk of normal epidemic response has increased。Under the conditions of normal prevention and control for a long time, it is difficult for enterprises to balance epidemic prevention and control and production safety, and uncertain risks and unsafe factors have increased。

The meeting called for clear tasks, focus on key points, coordinate the promotion, and effectively strengthen various preventive measures。First, we must improve the plan and step up the launch of a three-year campaign for special rectification。专项整治三年行动,是经习近平总书记和党中央批准,是健全机制、提升能力、全面提升本质安全水平的重要抓手和载体,市县两级应急管理部门要按照“1+2+9”方案要求,同步出台方案,迅速启动行动。Second, we must strengthen supervision and carry out open investigations and covert visits。During the national "two sessions", the 18 resident guidance groups of the provincial Safety Committee should be stationed in the task area to carry out supervision and guidance, the provincial emergency Department will assign special personnel to the system to visit the system, and the city and county governments and relevant departments should also refer to the provincial practice, sink the first line, openly investigate and visit。Third, focus on key areas to ensure full coverage of enterprises in the jurisdiction。Continue to coordinate and guide key industries such as transportation, construction, coal mining, and fire fighting,Pay close attention to the emergency management system directly supervised the dangerous, non-coal mine, metallurgical industry and trade and other fields,In particular, the emergency management department at the municipal level should strengthen the consultation with the meteorological department,According to the regional meteorological conditions of each tailings pond and overhead storage,Make precise arrangements ahead of time。Fourth, we must take a holistic approach and actively guard against natural disasters。Forest fire prevention, to summarize 5.3 Experience and lessons of large forest fire fighting,Learn from good practices in the forestry sector,Coordinated to ensure the continuous and stable situation of forest fire prevention and fire fighting;Flood control and flood preparedness,It is necessary to adhere to the "leadership management system, linkage mechanism, hidden danger investigation and rectification, plan revision, rescue teams, material reserves, training exercises" must be in place,Ensure that all tasks of flood control and drought relief are fully implemented。In terms of geological disasters, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation and communication with meteorological and natural resources departments, strengthen monitoring and early warning in key areas, increase inspection and prevention efforts, and urge the safety prevention and control of tailings ponds, especially "super high storage", "overhead storage" and "no main storage", and strictly prevent the occurrence of geological secondary disasters。Five to stare at the prison, and effectively complete the fireworks "zero"。All departments at all levels should take strong and effective measures to check the warehouse by warehouse, sign by personnel, and press the compaction responsibility to ensure a successful conclusion according to the node。Sixth, we must comprehensively investigate and actively eliminate factors affecting stability。Thoroughly investigate the unstable factors of the unit's emergence and tendency, and effectively solve the contradictions and problems in the bud。

The meeting stressed that we should be highly vigilant, change our style, pay close attention to implementation, and effectively ensure that all measures are effective。First, we must attach great importance to it ideologically。Party members and cadres of the province's emergency management system, especially leading cadres, should always tighten the ideological string, take the safety risk prevention and control during the national "two sessions" as a major political task and political responsibility, and grasp well, grasp firmly, grasp fine, and grasp in place。Second, we must change our style of work。It is necessary to further promote the construction of quasi-militarized disciplinary forces for emergency management and deeply learn from the Yima gasification plant.Lessons from the 19 "major explosion accident, firmly grasp the main contradiction and the main aspects of the contradiction, grasp the reality, and resolutely overcome the formalism and bureaucracy of drawing forms and going through the formalities。Third, be sure to arrange in place on duty。The 24-hour duty preparation and information reporting system should be strictly enforced, and the personnel on duty should stick to their posts, be responsive, report in time, and deal with them effectively。Fourth, rescue efforts should be scientific and efficient。It is necessary to strengthen communication with the resident People's Liberation Army and armed police forces, fire rescue teams and social professional rescue forces, and they must be preset and coordinated in place, and always maintain a state of readiness。The Provincial Department presets 9 teams with 272 people, and all localities should preset rescue forces according to the provincial Department's practice, so as to ensure the highest speed and highest efficiency in response to dangerous situations, and minimize casualties and property losses。

At the end of the meeting, the meeting stressed that it is necessary to firmly carry out the three-year action for the special rectification of production safety, formulate plans in light of the actual situation, assign special personnel to establish special classes, improve the joint system, pay close attention to the arrangement and deployment, and ensure that the results are achieved。It is necessary to coordinate the safety prevention and control of natural disasters such as flood control and drought relief, promptly complete the adjustment of the system of flood control and drought relief and the transfer of personnel to the county (city and district), give priority to the prevention of key weak links, adhere to the duty of special flood control teams, and effectively make preparations for disaster relief。

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