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Luoyang major hazard special supervision group to Luanchuan County dangerous chemical enterprises "pulse inquiry" safety inspection

2020-05-25 Second view Category: Industry Trends

Luoyang major hazard special supervision group
The safety inspection of dangerous chemical enterprises in Luanchuan County was carried out
Release date: 2020-05-22 Source: Luoyang Emergency Management Bureau

In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Management and the provincial and municipal "Special Inspection Work Plan for Major Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises", the Luanchuan County Emergency Management Bureau actively cooperated with the fourth supervision group of the major hazard special inspection in the city on May 19 to carry out a special inspection of major hazards in Luoyang Fengrui Fluorine Industry Co., LTD。

The fourth supervision group, led by Yuan Lifeng, a commander of the Luoyang Fire rescue Detachment, and jointly with the Gao Weiping branch leader of the Luoyang Emergency Management Bureau and crisis experts, conducted a field visit to the Fengrui fluorine industry, and went deep into the operation site, and carried out a special inspection of the major hazards of the Fengrui fluorine industry against the check list。Inspection in the supervision group multi-directional, focused on the enterprise's major danger source hydrofluoric acid tank area, power distribution room and other related facilities and equipment to feel the vein consultation, found 18 safety hazards, Luanchuan county emergency management Bureau combined with the safety experts summary report, ordered the enterprise to rectify within a time limit, requiring the rectification to end on June 12。

While checking for potential hazards,The special supervision team pays particular attention to the guidance of the dual prevention mechanism of enterprise risk hierarchical control and hidden danger investigation and management,For the enterprise risk point investigation is not in place, the operator's concept of risk point is not clear,Accompanying experts to conduct on-site normative guidance,Further enhance the awareness of enterprises on the importance of dual prevention mechanism construction,Effectively shoulder the main responsibility of production safety。

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