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Wang Guosheng: Plugging loopholes always tighten the string of safety production as a firm grasp of the initiative to deal with risks

2020-06-19 Second view Category: Industry Trends

Wang Guosheng: Plugging loopholes always tighten the string of safety production
Act as a firm grasp of the initiative to deal with risks
Release Date: 2020-06-16 Information source: Henan Daily

  On June 15, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over a special meeting at the Provincial Emergency Management Department to analyze and judge the current situation, study and deploy epidemic prevention and control, production safety and other work。

  The person in charge of the provincial Emergency Management Department, the provincial Transportation Department, the provincial Market Supervision Administration Bureau, and the provincial Public Security Department successively spoke to report the current work situation, existing problems and the next step。Wang Guosheng pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and production safety is still grim and complex, and Party committees and governments at all levels should earnestly shoulder their political responsibilities, firmly press their management responsibilities, departmental supervision responsibilities and corporate main responsibilities, and put various measures in place early, thin and in place。It is necessary to highlight key areas, focus on key periods and key locations, and do not relax in regular epidemic prevention and control work, and use practical and effective methods to do key work such as campus food safety, aquatic product quality and safety, and production and transportation of hazardous chemicals, strengthen rain and water monitoring, and make preparations for flood prevention and disaster resistance。It is necessary to strengthen public opinion guidance, strengthen warning education, timely release authoritative information, take the initiative to respond to social concerns, improve the safety quality of the whole people, and form a strong atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to and participate in safety production。

  Wang Guosheng stressed,要深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于疫情防控、安全生产一系列重要讲话指示精神,Summarize and apply good experience and practices in epidemic prevention and control,We should more firmly foster a people-centered approach to development,More deeply understand and grasp the law of risk,Enhance preparedness and response capacity,High standards to protect the people's lives, health and safety defense line。Be more risk conscious。Not because society is stable,I slack off,Not just because things keep getting better,Be paralyzed by carelessness,It can't go down because of an accident,Let your guard down,Always be in awe,We must put the people and life first,Maintain a strong sense of risk and danger,Get into the habit of studying and judging often,Keep the alarm bell ringing。Be more proactive。Based on "early",Put the risk in front, plan in front, work in front,Plan ahead,Take precautions,Firmly grasp the initiative to deal with risks;Based on "small",Insist on taking hidden dangers as accidents and small accidents as big accidents,Zero tolerance for security risks,We will resolutely nip potential risks in the bud.Based on "fast",Smooth access to information,Be prepared at all times,Grasp the disposal window period and the rescue golden period,Ensure the first time to respond to dangerous situations, the first time to deal with, the first time to rescue。Ability style should be stronger。We will strengthen team building, strengthen business training and emergency drills, hone our sense of responsibility, pragmatic and tough style, and comprehensively improve our early-warning and monitoring capabilities, supervision and law enforcement capabilities, command and decision-making capabilities, combat rescue capabilities, social mobilization capabilities, and public opinion guidance capabilities。

  Mu Weimin and Shu Qing attended the meeting。

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