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Henan issued typical cases of production safety accidents in the province in 2020

2021-01-29 Second view Category: Industry Trends

2020年,全省各级、各部门和各有关单位认真贯彻习近平总书记关于安全生产重要指示批示和省委省政府安全生产决策部署,Adhere to the "people first, life first",Coordinated security precautions and COVID-19 prevention and control,Strengthen the foundation of workplace safety,Compaction safety responsibility,The total number of accidents, the number of deaths and major accidents have been reduced in three ways.,There were no major accidents all year。

At the same time, we should clearly see that the emergency management work is long-term and difficult, and the safety work has only a starting point and no end。Be alert to danger in times of safety,The provincial Emergency Management Department sorted out and analyzed the typical production safety accidents in 2020, in order to promote various departments and enterprises around the country to deeply learn the lessons of the accident, firmly establish the concept of safe development, adhere to the problem-oriented, study and judge the risk in advance, and compact the safety responsibility, so as to escort the more brilliant chapter of the Central Plains in the new era。

01 Xinyang Pingqiao District fluorxin mining Co., LTD "3·13" large flooding accident

At 3:20 on March 13, 2020, a flooding accident occurred in the second mining area of fluorite Mine in Dashiling Integrated mining area of Pingqiao District Fluorxin Mining Co., LTD., Xinyang City, resulting in 7 deaths and a direct economic loss of 9.37 million yuan。

The immediate cause:The illegal blasting operation of Fuxin Mining caused a large amount of water in the goaf to break into the roadway and cause water seepage。

Main lessons:One is the cross-border exploitation of Fuxin Mining Co., LTD,Construction and production are not carried out according to design,Many safety facilities were not installed according to regulations,Some roadway construction without design;Daily security management is chaotic,Failure to carry out hidden danger investigation, lead the shift down the well, water prevention and control, safety training, certificate on duty regulations,Illegal contracting of underground works。Second, Pingqiao District civil explosive equipment limited company blasting equipment storage and use do not meet the requirements, Henan Province Xiangtai Safety Evaluation Co., Ltd. in the infrastructure project does not meet the design and safety facilities are not perfect, issued a "safe production conditions" evaluation report。Third, the inspection of the resumption of work and production by the district mine management office is not strict,Neglect of illegal mining and cross-border mining activities;The district emergency bureau did not urge the investigation and management of hidden dangers;The Minggang Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau did not find the behavior of non-recycling, use and storage of civil explosive materials in accordance with regulations;Xing Jizhen government safety supervision strength is weak, there are blind areas in work,The district party committee and the district government have failed to supervise and guide the mining management and safe production of mineral resources。

02 Xinxiang city Yuanyang County Sheng and Fu construction site"4·18" large pressure burial asphyxiation accident

At 17:00 on April 18, 2020, an earthwork suffocation accident occurred at the construction site of Shenghe Prefecture in Yuanyang County when the earthwork was being dumped, resulting in the death of four children and a direct economic loss of 4.85 million yuan。

The immediate cause:The construction unit dumped the earth and buried 4 children under no one's command, resulting in the accident。

Main lessons:First, the safety rules and regulations of the construction unit Qunying company are not perfect,Education and training are not in place,There are no full-time safety officers as required,No safety protection facilities and warning signs are set up at the work site;Construction unit Zhongfu company site management chaos,Use qualification construction, illegal dismemberment of contracted projects,Organize construction without obtaining construction permit and safety and quality supervision procedures。Second, the county urban management Bureau did not find that the enterprise did not stop and investigate the construction behavior without a permit, and the housing bureau only issued a rectification notice for the unauthorized construction behavior without a license, and did not hand over the illegal behavior in time, resulting in the illegal behavior was not stopped and investigated。Third, the relevant departments' public opinion control and on-site control are ineffective, resulting in a greater negative impact。

03 Xinxiang City Rong school road rainwater connectivity project"5·28" larger poisoning asphyxiation accident

At 19:13 on May 28, 2020, a hydrogen sulfide poisoning suffocation accident occurred in the rainwater connecting project manhole at the intersection of Dongming Avenue and Rongxiao East Road, Xinxiang, resulting in 3 deaths and a direct economic loss of 3.62 million yuan。

The immediate cause:Construction units operate in violation of regulations, and operators do not take effective protective measures leading to poisoning and suffocation, and blind rescue results in expanded consequences。

Main lessons:First, the failure to implement the "ventilation, then testing, after operation" specification, not equipped with isolation respiratory protection equipment as required, not according to the requirements of the use of safety ropes, blind rescue caused by the expansion of casualties。Second, the construction unit Xinjian company has no construction qualification and no safety production license to undertake labor operations in violation of regulations,Chaotic site management,Education and training are not in place,The downhole personnel do not have operation qualifications;Construction unit Xinxiang municipal company illegal subcontracting,Subcontract engineering labor work to units that do not have labor subcontracting qualifications,The safety management system is not sound,Education and training are not in place。Third, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau of the subordinate units of the project supervision "black", did not seriously perform the construction project inspection responsibilities。

04 Luoyang city Luanchuan county Minan blasting service Co., LTD"6·22" large explosion accident

At 14:49 on June 22, 2020, after the blasting operation of the Guoxiang marble mine in Luanchuan County, an explosion occurred when the remaining explosives were stored in an abandoned cave of the Heigou Formation in Bailu village, Luanchuan Township, Luanchuan County, triggering the collapse of the mountain, resulting in 2 deaths and 1 missing, with a direct economic loss of 11.59 million yuan。

The immediate cause:Operators illegally store explosive materials, improper operation caused the explosion。

Main lessons:First, Luanchuan Minan Blasting Service Co., Ltd. illegally set up temporary explosive storage points in caves that do not have safe conditions in mining areas, and arranged unqualified personnel to carry civil explosives。Lack of safety management system, illegal attachment of blasting operators, chaotic management of explosive materials, and unclear direction of explosives signing and receiving;Luanchuan County Guoxiang Marble Mining Co., LTD., the safety management is not strict, the use of personnel without blasting certificates, did not return the remaining explosive materials in accordance with the regulations。Second, the county public Security Bureau is ineffective in cracking down on the production, operation, transportation, sale and use of explosive materials without licenses, lax supervision of the qualifications of blasting personnel, and unreasonable approval of explosive quantity;The county science and industry bureau did not perform the supervision and management duties according to the government division of labor;The county emergency bureau did not perform the supervision and inspection duties in a timely manner。

05 Kaifeng Xiangfu District Huanglong industrial cluster drainage renovation project"6·27" large poisoning asphyxiation accident

At 14:25 on June 27, 2020, a poisoning and suffocation accident occurred at the rainwater integration pumping station of the drainage renovation project of Huanglong Industrial Agglomeration Area in Xiangfu District, Kaifeng City, resulting in 3 deaths and a direct economic loss of 2.25 million yuan。

The immediate cause:The construction unit works in violation of regulations and regulations and fails to take effective protective measures to cause accidents, and blind rescue results in expanded consequences。

Main lessons:First, the operator did not detect, did not ventilate, did not equip with isolated respiratory protection equipment as required, used safety ropes, and did not take protective measures to blindly rescue。Second, Henan Linrun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has no full-time safety officers, located in the off-site (Kaifeng) office project managers, security personnel qualifications illegally attached, did not perform on-site duties, safety management bodies are in place, and safety management is lacking。Third, the district housing Bureau did not supervise and guide the enterprise as required, and the Huanglong Industrial agglomeration area in Xiangfu District lacked inspection and supervision of the safety work of its departments。

06 Jiaozuo Wuzhi county Minong flour products Co., LTD"7·18" large suffocation accident

At 18:00 on July 18, 2020, Jiaozuo Minong Flour Products Co., Ltd. in Zhangcaiyuan Village, Zhandian Town, Wuzhi County fell into a starch precipitation tank accident, resulting in 6 deaths。

The immediate cause:An employee fell into a material tank in violation of regulations, was poisoned and suffocated, and blind rescue led to expanded consequences。

Main lessons:First, Jiaozuo Min Nong Flour Products Co., Ltd. has no illegal production without permission, no organization of hidden danger investigation, lack of safety management system and safety training, and does not implement the relevant departments to stop production without authorization。Second, Zhang Caiyuan Village illegally leased non-construction land;The county market supervision bureau is not in place to implement the "three pipes and three must" responsibilities, the "fight against non-violation" is not carried out effectively, the unlicensed production enterprises found in the inspection are not seriously verified, and the report is not reported according to the regulations;The county natural resources Bureau failed to supervise the illegal use of land。Third, there are a large number of hidden dangers and violations of laws and regulations in "small, scattered and disorderly" enterprises, and safety production conditions are seriously insufficient, mostly labor-intensive enterprises, which are easy to cause group deaths and injuries。

07 Zhoukou Luyi County Ruyi mattress curtain wholesale shop"July 30" large fire accident

At 05:30 on July 30, 2020, a fire accident occurred in Ruyi Mattress Curtain wholesale shop in Gaoji Township, Luyi County, with an area of about 176 square meters, resulting in 5 deaths and direct property losses of 20.9万元。

The immediate cause:The electrical line failure ignited the color steel panel room and the surrounding combustible materials to produce toxic gases, resulting in illegal check-in personnel poisoning and suffocating death。

Main lessons:First, Ruyi mattress curtain wholesale store illegal "three-in-one" operation, illegal arrangements for family accommodation in the business premises, the store did not set up an escape channel, storage of a large number of flammable materials such as polyurethane sponges to block the evacuation channel, wiring is not standardized。Second, the village committee, the police station, and the township emergency office have repeatedly found that the store has stacked goods and blocked the safety exit and violated the rules of the residents, issued a rectification notice and urged the subsequent rectification is not in place, and failed to hand over the fire and rescue department to investigate and punish according to regulations;The township natural resources management center and the comprehensive law enforcement Institute have not investigated and dealt with the illegal construction of color steel plate houses。Third, the township Party committee and government failed to establish fire stations and 24-hour part-time emergency rescue teams in accordance with regulations, were not equipped with fire rescue equipment, and the emergency response was not professional, timely and scientific。Fourth, major fire hazards such as illegal "multi-in-one" places and color steel panel houses exist in large numbers in rural market towns。

08 Luoyang Yiyang County Baiyang town Yin Ji steamed bun shop "8·6" liquefied gas leakage poisoning asphyxiation accident

At 7 am on August 6, a liquefied gas leak occurred in the facade room of Yin Ji steamed bun Fang in the fifth district of Baiyang Village, Baiyang Town, Yiyang County, resulting in three deaths and one injury。

The immediate cause:Steam square gas steam engine liquefied gas combustion is insufficient to produce carbon monoxide accumulation, resulting in 1 person died of poisoning and asphyxiation, 2 people have died of poisoning and asphyxiation improperly rescued。

Main lessons:First, the operators of Yinji steamed bread square illegally installed gas steam engines in closed rooms where people lived, and found that the rescue was not timely after the poisoning。Second, the town government and market supervision, gas management, public security and other departments of safety publicity and education are not in place, the investigation of hidden dangers is not comprehensive, the investigation of unlicensed business behavior is ineffective, and the law enforcement and supervision of illegal acts of self-employed operators are lacking。

09 Provincial highway S235 Yuzhou section, Xuchang City"9·23" large road traffic accidents

At 7:56 PM on September 23, 2020, a road accident occurred in Bailong Village, Huashi Town, Yuzhou section of provincial Highway S235, resulting in 4 deaths and 14 injuries。

The immediate cause:The small van is overloaded and does not drive according to the traffic rules, and the bad braking system of the large truck causes the braking distance beyond the specified requirements, and the two reasons interact to cause the accident。

Main lessons:First, Yuzhou City Huashi Town Dongsheng kindergarten has no safety management system personnel,No hidden danger investigation responsibility system,Long-term use of non-standard school buses to pick up students;Qinyang Red flag Automobile transport Co., LTD., Qinyang Haoyu Logistics Co., LTD,The legal representative and the actual controller are not qualified for post,Training record falsification。Second, the municipal education, public security traffic management, highways, etc., do not seriously supervise the daily transportation of students in rural schools, fail to find and investigate the long-term use of non-compliant school buses to transport students and serious overcrowding behavior, fail to find and correct the lack of safety warning signs and unclear signs at the accident intersection。Third, a large number of problems exist in rural schools where private cars act as school buses, and the problem of coordinated supervision by departments is prominent。

10 Huaibin County, Xinyang City, "11·20" large road traffic accident

At 5 o 'clock on November 20, 2020, Xie Songsong drove the Anhui KQ3062 heavy dump truck along the National Highway 220 from north to south to the 930KM+750M section, and crashed into the funeral procession in Wutong Village, Zhangzhuang Township, killing 9 people and injuring 4 others。

The immediate cause:The driver overspeeds the truck whose braking system does not meet the requirements, and fails to observe the road surface and take improper measures to cause the accident。

Main lessons:First, the rules and regulations of Anhui Fuyang Songbai Logistics Co., Ltd. are not perfect, driver safety education, vehicle maintenance records are falsified, and important links in safety management are missing。The second is Fuyang city Yingdong road transportation management office, Fuyang City traffic police detachment three brigade, Huaibin County traffic police brigade and other poor performance of safety supervision responsibilities, the accident enterprise violations failed to investigate and handle in time。Third, the Party committee and government of Zhangzhuang Township in Huaibin County did not effectively carry out road traffic safety publicity, and did not find and stop the loading of coffins and re-burial after cremation, burning a large amount of paper to affect the traffic line of sight, and illegal road occupying behaviors。

(Article from Henan Provincial Department of Safety Management)

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