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The branch committee of Henan Yuguan Security Development Co., Ltd. held the 2022 annual organizational meeting

2023-03-27 Second view Category: Party building and security culture

Henan Yuguan safety development Co., Ltd. party branch

召开2022年度Organizing a meeting and a democratic consultative council

According to the deployment and requirements of the future Road street Party Working Committee, Henan Yuguan Security Development Co., Ltd. party branch2023324On the morning of the day, an organizational meeting and democratic review meeting was held。The meeting was chaired by Comrade Yuan Pengwei, secretary of the branch, and all party members attended the meeting。


 Before this meeting, the Party branch of our company organized all Party members to study the Party's 20 spirit in depthThe Constitution of the Communist Party of China (Amendment);Members of the party branch held heart-to-heart talks and listened to each other's opinions。

At the meeting, Comrade Yuan Pengwei, secretary of the branch, first discussed the construction of the branch, existing problems and rectification measures2022Annual Party branch work made a report, representative支部Make a speech and take the lead to make a personal speech, and then carry out self-criticism, and other party members criticize them。Our branchOther party members carry out criticism and self-criticism in turn to find out their own problems and the root causes of the problems。Subsequently, members of the Party adhering to the principles of fairness, justice and openness, carefully and responsibly filled in the democratic evaluation form。

The organization of the meeting and democratic consultative council by Comrade Yuan Pengwei进行总结。He said,The branch is fully prepared, the individual checks carefully, criticizes each other frankly, and democratic evaluation is true and effective。Through the convening of this meeting, Party membersThe Party spirit has been improved, the ideals and beliefs have been strengthened, and the sense of responsibility and mission has been enhanced。Finally, Comrade Yuan Pengwei put forward his opinions on the future work of the Party branch, asking everyone to unify their thoughts and actions into the spirit of the twenty to ensure that上级组织Decision deploymentOur branchGet nothing out ofCarry out。


Source: Party branch of Henan Yuguan Safety Development Co., LTD

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